"And departing, leave behind us,
Footprints on the sands of time"

by Henry W. Longfellow
Take a journey through the short life of one young man...

William Dale Collins

July 18, 1979 - July 28, 1997


Thank you for coming.

All of my poetry was written after the sudden death of my youngest son, Dale.
He had a traffic accident on July 28, 1997--hitting an eighteen-wheeler head-on.
He was killed instantly. The accident was just ten days after his 18th birthday.
After two years of missing him, I wrote my first poem, titled simply
I wrote this poem for his 20th birthday which was coming up on July 18, 1999.
Writing that poem seemed to help me, so I continued to write.
Most of my poems are religious in nature because Christ is the center of my life.
The only way I have gotten through these last four years is by the help of God,
a lot of prayer and a wonderful husband and family
and good, kind, and caring friends.

Susan, Dale's mom

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Your life that once was, lives on in my thoughts,
To cause me to wonder what time would have brought.
If your time had continued and you had lived,
The path that I walk now would not have been.
Changes are made by one moment in time,
The path that was lost, I never will find.
Words that you spoke, just one day before,
Are remembered forever, since you speak no more.
Promises made, that you cannot keep,
Continue to haunt the dreams of my sleep.
Your presence is here and always will be,
Cherished forever, in my memory.br>

 By Susan Elaine Collins 2000 ©


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William Dale Collins
July 18, 1979 - July 28, 1997
Beloved son of Billy & Susan Collins


People deal with their grief in many different ways.
I feel that God is helping me deal with my loss by writing poetry.
A Breath Away is the book I wrote about learning to live with the loss of our son.

Quiet Whispers is my second book on the path to healing. My hope is that someone will feel encouraged by my writing.

You can purchase my books by clicking on their pictures above. Thank you and God Bless You.

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